About Accelerex Impregnated Wound Dressing and Accelerex Wound Cream

For use as a wound dressing to manage pressure ulcers (bed-sores stages I-IV), stasis ulcers, diabetic skin ulcers, surgical wounds, post-traumatic wounds, skin irritations, cuts, and abrasions.

Chronic wounds are a significant, expensive, and difficult-to-solve medical problem common among diabetics and the elderly — particularly nursing home patients. Untreated, these ulcers can lead to infections and, in more severe cases, necessitate an amputation. With the Baby Boomer generation entering retirement and medical advances extending life longer than ever, there is an emerging demand for a product that can effectively address — and heal — pressure ulcers.

Accelerex dressings is a revolutionary impregnated wound dressing that helps to close non-healing and slow-healing wounds. In clinical studies, Accelerex dressings was able to completely close over 92% of wounds and ulcers (see clinical studies). In multiple clinical studies, Accelerex demonstrated an ability to successfully close a wide variety of chronic wounds. In fact, Accelerex demonstrated an ability to close wounds that had previously failed to respond to treatments by other leading wound care products and therapies. Several of these patients had their wounds for over a year and might have required an amputation.

Patients that participated in these clinicals were highly pleased with the results and would recommend the product to other people suffering from topical skin ulcerations.

Accelerex® is an easy-to-use wound dressing that only needs to be changed once per day. Accelerex dressings can be used in combination with existing wound healing dressings or pharmaceuticals.

Talk with your physician to see if Accelerex dressings is right for you and your condition.

Who produces Accelerex?

Accelerex is produced by Regenerex Pharma, Inc. Regenerex is a biomedical research and development and manufacturing company that specializes in the production of medical devices and pharmaceuticals that address the currently unmet needs in the chronic wound care arena. Regenerex is located in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Wound Care Dressing

Accelerex is a sterile cellulose acetate wound dressing coated with an ointment containing polyethylene glycolsand a combination of metal ions.

Accelerex Technology comes also in Tubes

Accelerex is also available in tubes which need to be applied and a secondary dressing used after application.

Side Effects

Some people may initially experience a stinging sensation once Accelerex is applied and the active ingredient is released into the wound. This sensation will typically pass in a few minutes. If the wound is particularly sensitive, use a topical anesthetic prior to applying the Accelerex dressing.

Applying Accelerex Wound Care Dressing

Accelerex dressing is designed to be simple and easy to use—almost as easy as applying a regular bandage.

Step one:

Gently cleanse the wound with normal saline or clean water, as you normally would.

Step two:

Using latex gloves, remove a Accelerex dressing from its sterile package.

If the package is torn, discard the dressing. It is no longer sterile.

Step three:

Place the Accelerex dressing over the wound. Make sure the entire wound is covered.

Open wounds are often very sensitive to pain, and some people may experience a stinging sensation once Accelerex is applied. This sensation may last for a minute or two as the active ingredient is initially introduced into the wound, but seldom persists longer.

If your wound is particularly sensitive to pain, you may wish to use a topical anesthetic prior to applying Accelerex. Talk with your doctor about what topical anestheric is best for you.

Step four:

Cover the Accelerex dressing with a bandage or gauze. Use adhesive tape to secure the dressing in place.

Changing the dressing

Step one:

Gently remove the bandage or gauze covering the wound and discard it.

Step two:

Gently remove the Accelerex wound dressing and discard it.

Step three:

Clean and inspect the wound.

Step four:

Reapply Accelerex until the wound has completely healed. Wound improvement is typically noticable within two weeks. Most chronic wounds will be fully closed in less than 10 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can out-patients apply Accelerex dressings themselves?

Most patients can be taught how to apply and remove Accelerex dressings on their own. However, the decision as to whether or not the patient should change their own dressings outside of the healthcare facility should be decided by the attending healthcare professional.

How often should I change Accelerex dressings?

Accelerex dressings should be changed once every 24 hours.

Can Accelerex dressings be cut to the size and shape of a wound?

Yes, Accelerex can be cut in order to customize it to fit the size and shape of the wound; however, once opened the dressing is no longer sterile.

How many Accelerex dressings come in one box?

There are 10 sterile Accelerex dressings (4 in x 4 in) in each box.

Where is Accelerex available?

Accelerex is available only in the United States.

Storing Accelerex

Store Accelerex at room temperature (15-25° C) and humidity and away from direct sunlight.

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